whack-a-mole board

by lillythehtcat

dt popped by..said..

well things are ever changing in wonderland..

how so..

we have had another board resignation..

we just had an election less than a month ago..

must be the heat..

im sure..

people come and go on this board quicker than a whack-a-mole game..

a what..

a whack-a-mole game..

whack a mole 1i dont get it

one month they are on the board..the next month theyre off..one month theyre off the board..the next month theyre on..

and what do they do..

besides think up a bunch of crazy crap to get more money…nothing..cant even enforce the new parking regulations..

the junker..

still there..

must be a friend of the board..which ever board it is..

whack a mole 3well just like the game it is certainly entertaining..

ill say..maybe we should elect board members for 3 months instead of 3 years..heh heh..

maybe you should stop whacking..

no…too much fun..

whack a mole 2