too hot

by lillythehtcat

dt popped on down..said..

where were you friday night when the cops showed up..

are you kidding..

no i am not kidding..where were you..

in the weeds..near the front door..i thought the controllers had finally caught up with me..

it wasnt about you tudball..

well i know that now.. little spy..what were they here for..since you were right there in the weeds..

well it seems that friday night a group wanted to use the hot the pool.. and low and behold..the hot tub was a cold tub..

but the hot tub was hot when it was inspected..

yep..but im sure it was turned off to save money..

of course..nickel wise pound foolish..

anyway a curt text message was sent to wonderlands el presidenta..about the lack of hot in the hot tub..


and after friday night libations..there were three choices..

  1. say..oh there seems to be a problem..we will put some hot in the hot tub right away.
  2. say..i am so sorry..why not come up to my place and have a soak in my tub.
  3. call the cops and claim you have been threatened over a lack of hot in the hot tub.

and the winner was..

door number three..

so the cold..wet..tubbers were immediately arrested..cuffed..unceremoniously thrown into the back of a squad car and rot in the bowls of the davidson county jail..

au contraire..the police chortled all the way back to their cars and left wonderland in a heartbeat..

no arrest..


no warning..


no slap on the wrist..

nope..just a few chuckles..and another crazy blue moon night in wonderland..

good luck getting the police to wonderland when we really do need them..

oh im sure its not over..wait till the attorney gets called..

hey..too hot for the hot tub..

got it here you go..


you cant make this stuff up..