teddy ruxpin

by lillythehtcat

dt slinked down..said..

well the annual meeting is finally over..what did you think..

where was the food..dont we always have snackies..i sat in the bushes forever listening to that meeting crap…blah..blah..blah..the sky is falling..we must have more money..

chicken little

and no food..

the board is trying to save money..

they got a fee increase..how about some snackies..

well other than no food..what did you think..

i think one of our neighbors summed it up best..here take a look..

Friends and neighbors,

I had a very bad dream last night. I went to a strange restaurant  it was called chez baptismal. First of all my date never showed up. The  maitre d asked me at the gate “are you a convicted felon?” I was perplexed but went in anyway. The entertainment was awful three people who kept arguing with the guest. Perhaps it was one of those murder mystery audience participation places but this was awful. Everyone there seemed to be angry and this old man ,he looked like he was dead, kept bleating “close the pool”. I think the old man in front of me was dead and had a tape player installed like Teddy Ruxpin.

teddy ruxpin

Anyway the drinks never arrived and no food either. However I did get a big bill. I tried to go home but a pine tree almost fell on me then a balcony came off the side of a building I went to the elevator to go upstairs to investigate but it had failed apparently this cotton wood had destroyed everything. Maybe I need my medication checked it must be causing bad dreams?

Wait it’s not a dream it was true. I think they did close chez baptismal the gate is locked.

teddy ruxpin…..

yeah..great right..

looks like we just found your replacement..