by lillythehtcat

one of wonderlands board members..running for a letter asking for support..claimed..

I have NEVER witnessed the level of misinformation and vitriol that we, as a community, are experiencing now.

vitriol..really..never witnessed..let me explain to the writer..that the reason you have never witnessed the current level of vitriol is that you..have in the past been the purveyor of this level of vitriol and now you finally find yourself the might say..poetic justice..or more crudely..karma is a bitch..vitriol..unfortunately has been a part of wonderland politic for quite a long time..but it be standard operating procedure..

the sword you have wielded against your neighbors and fellow board members ironically is double edged..litigating your grievances begets litigation..the edge of overspending and financial mismanagement has the consequential double edge of mistrust..when you betray your neighbors the double edge is betrayal..vitriol is the sword that has been wielded so just came with two edges..

please dont act like this level of vitriol is a new thing..what is least to that you are now harvesting the bounty of a slow growing crop of does it feel..bless the harvest.

it is time that wonderland burn the crop and bury the sword..but that would be asking a leopard to change its spots.