the budget

by lillythehtcat

dt bopped on down..said..

well wes has been reviewing the proposed budgets..or as he wish list..

santa claus in april..

pretty much..

did this little group have a bad a lump of coal for christmas maybe..

im sure its something like that..oh and the sneaky devils hid an extra 5 grand of landscaping in the operating budget..

after spending an extra 6 grand a year ago for that mess you see out there a pony in there..i dont like ponies..

oh there are all kinds of ponies and goodies in there..or as wes says..

HALvoodoo accounting list…

and the voodoo..who a desperate attempt to make things look as bad as the people perpetrating this hoax..

got to reduce that income..otherwise you cant ask for the fee increase you want for christmas..

and the taxes..really….

is there a champagne fountain for the lobby..

im sure its in with the new elevator..

new elevator….ppppffffttttt…seriously..


yep and wes says the elevator people said ours would last another hundred years..


fly me to the moon
and let me play among the stars
let me see what spring is like
on jupiter and mars

lets put it this way..the budgets and requested fee increases have nothing to do with reality..voodoo accounting..and i am using the term accounting very loosely..

isnt this why we call the place wonderland..

this is about one persons obsession to be relevant..

and the rest of wonderland is going to be dragged down by it..

strike up the band..the ship is going down..

sinking ship