by lillythehtcat

dt popped down..said.. little anarchist..youre going to love this one..

lets hear it..oh sage of wonderland..

the announcement for the annual meeting finally came out..


and one item of old business is..lawsuit-agreed order..


so the meeting announcement was in violation of the agreed order..

ppppffffftttttt…ggggkkkk..snortle snortle..youre joking..

no seriously..

this is a joke right..the board signed off on it..

and its on the agenda.. cant make stuff like this now what..

now there is massive damage control going on..seems that the violation jeopardizes voting on the budget and the proposed fee increase..

ohhhh the irony..the people that cant obey a court order..that cant properly organize an annual meeting..want to be trusted to manage everyones money..and want more of it..

and we all know how well they have recently managed money..

wes says over 30 grand of unbudgeted..unapproved expenditures by the previous board..

and now they must have more..

and we should trust them..irony..pure irony..

chesire cat

Alice: It’s the Cheshire Cat! Oh, hello, Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat:  Hello. How do you like the Queen?

Alice: Not at all. I don’t like that of losing my head.  Would you?

Cheshire Cat: I could hardly afford that.