by lillythehtcat

dt shivered down..said..

well your little blog has once again brought forth change in wonderland..

hows that..

well two days after your blog about the board not replastering the pool..we get an email from the management company saying the contract has been let and the work will be done by the end of the month..

how convenient..the wonders of bringing things into the light..

just one little problem..


no vote by the roberts rules..just a unilateral decision..


much like what happened in the previous roberts rules..


and about 30 thousands dollars of unbudgeted..unauthorized..unilateral expenditures..


wow..i bet wonderland would like to have that money now..

and now we hear that they are going to ask for a fee increase..

maybe they should stick to a budget and quit blowing the bank first..

well the annual meeting is coming up and i think we should itemize the mismanagement of money if they are going to have the gall to ask for more..

good idea..

i knew i could leave it to you..

by the way who was this robert that made all the rules..

well he certainly isnt from wonderland..

odd the same people that want to make all the rules..cant follow the rules..