the lever

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in..said..

well everyone in wonderland is anticipating the opening of the pool..

me too..people bring muchies..cheesie bits.. i get fed..

well..there seems to be a problem..

here we go..

the pool cant be opened until it is replastered..

pool plaster

and how long have we known this..

well over a year..


and our management company wont let the contract until after the annual meeting.. which the way..been postponed at least two times..

but the replastering was approved last year..right..


so whats the problem..replaster the that baby up..and bring the cheesie bits..

well..there are some that think..

here it comes..

that the board is going to hold up the opening of the pool..via delaying the leverage a fee increase..

so we have gone from a board that spent a ton of unbudgeted a board that will leverage budgeted amenities for more money..

just a rumor..but there is talk..

but they are delaying the replastering of the pool for no good reason..other than their own plan to keep up with the federal budget..

pretty much..


HALNow I can tell you.

crap not use to you jumping in these conversations..

HALThere has been another resignation from the Board.

holy moley..who..

HALThe treasurer, seems the pressure of deceit proved to be too much.

wow..this obsession with raising the fees is taking its toll..

youve got it..the board appears to be leveraging amenities..which everyone pays for..for their own insatiable desire to spend money..or perhaps justify the unbudgeted money already spent..and you better not argue against it..

maybe we should outline those expenditures prior to any request for more money..

seems like a good idea..

lets spread the word..

light that fuse..

i guess thats why we are here..