not a clue

by lillythehtcat

dt boogied down..said..

well i hear you had a nice chat with wes..

i like wes..but this whole spy thing creeps me out..why do we need spies in wonderland..

good question..there was once a time when ol wes wasnt needed..

i remember..

but then we elected people to the board who were paranoid..they wanted their own way but were afraid others wouldnt go along with they began meeting in secret..they feared the people that elected them..they called the association the drop of a hat..for advise..

not realizing the lawyer was billing them for every nano-second..

they didnt trust the people..they thought they were smarter..superior..but the paranoia was always there..and this attitude prevails to this day..

so now..

so now they prepare for an annual meeting..preparing budgets behind closed doors..trying to justify a fee increase..not because its needed..

but because it satisfies someones past desire to prove they are smarter..

and to control..


there will be an election..but we havent been told whose term is up..or even how many vacancies are on the board..

because they want to pick their own slate..

to continue their own little sit in the dark and complain about the rest of wonderland..those that question them.. and in particular your little blog..

oh the ever evil blog..

if you remember..wonderland went for decades without a blog or counter voice..

because everything was in the open..on the up and up..

wonderland needs to return to up the windows..let some light in..some fresh air..


oh crap its wes..

be nice..

whats up ol wiley one..

HALThis is a big election, its time for a change.

How many spots are open..

HALPerhaps three.


HALGot to go.

whoa..wait..come back………dt..what the heck is wes talking about..

stay tuned little buddy wes knows stuff..time for a change..

i dont have a clue whats going on..

and thats by design..

good grief..