the palace coup

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in said..

well little buddy things are heating up in wonderland..

now what..i told you this calm wouldnt last,,

the board is scheduling the annual meeting with the absolute minimum legal notice..


theyre going to try to slide through a fee increase..

queen of hearts 2



theyve been trying to get this for years..

and they are going to try it again..

is it warranted..

not according to wes..wonderland has positive cash flows for the next five years..according to their own budgets..


its a power struggle..

back to the ol chess board eh…


well thats going to be an interesting meeting..

think they will hear about the past mismanagement of money during the previous administration..

oh im sure there are some looking forward to airing that the mean time its money out of everyones pockets..lower property values..a betrayal of fiscal responsibility..all to satisfy someones ego..

that about sums it up..

and they wonder why we call it wonderland..


chesire cat