for granted

by lillythehtcat

dt shuffled down in his usual loathsome manner..said..

whats up little buddy..




uhhh..your not responding..



whats the got your tongue..shhhkkk..pfftt..

funny..very not talking to you..

now what..

you forgot..

uhhhh..forgot what..

forgot what….how could you..

how could i what..


and what is it i forgot..

our anniversary..


of the blog you moron..

oh yes..the long has it been now..

good don’t have a clue do you..


the blog you dolt.. 4 years of editorial mud slinging bliss…………about…sheeeeesh…

right..ill go order a cake..

hmmmppfff…it was last week..its too late..

a little bubbly..

you know i dont like the stuff..

canned tuna..

whole can..

you know what happened the last time you ate an entire can..

sleeping cat

yeah..the pool will never be the same..but it was worth it..

ok..what ya say we celebrate 4 years and a week..

go get the tuna while i thank all of our loyal readers..

both of them..

make that 2 cans and a cake..

with candles..

of course..its our anniversary.. unless you already have forgotten..oh..and you better hurry..the board is about to raise the association fees..


prior mismanagement comes at a cost..


hopelessly lilly