free at last

by lillythehtcat

dt shivered down..said..

happy martin luther king day..

thank you..i am celebrating my blackness..

and wonderland is celebrating the end of the parking reign of terror..

you mean that 4 year debacle of parking is about to end..

yep..the board is reassigning parking spaces as we speak..

no more friends of tweedledum..



no more parking discrimination..

nope..listen to this jewel from the new parking regs..

When spaces are re-assigned, owners may opt to keep their current space(s) as long as it does not deprive other owners of their right to a space based upon seniority.


cant keep people from claiming their rightful spots..and..

All parking spaces shall be assigned by owner’s date of deed..

so no more discriminating against renters..


wow..this truly is a martin luther king day present..

wonderland is pretty excited..except for the friends of tweedledum..

cant please everyone..i wish the queen of hearts and tweedledum were here to see this..

 q and frogs

so this is for real..right..

seems to be on the up and up..


ok braveheart im going back where its warm..


happy martin luther king day wonderland.

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