im a monkey

by lillythehtcat

dt shivered down..said..

whats up little buddy..

im working on a theme for the new year..

a theme.. pumped about the year of the fire monkey..we are gong to capitalize on this..

you dont like monkeys..

yeah..but if i dont like them then probably no one else likes em..


its not like a damn monkey is going to show up in wonderland..its the theme..the energy..its us..balls to the wall..the year of the fire monkey..oh yeah..

balls to the wall..

its an expression..come on dont be naive..

so whats the theme fireball..

it came down between two songs for our 2016 theme..


the and my monkey..and the stones..monkey man..

tell me youre not doing this..

and the winner is..monkey man..


this is going to be a great year..we are really going to rock a monkey……nothin but a monkey..

youre a cat..

monnnkeeeeeey…i think we should start naming names this about all the unbudgeted fees out the ying yang..executive..secret.. meetings ad infinitum..residents policing residents..lack of openness..the old girls club..rules..telling the unwashed how to live..meanness..discrimination..pathological lying..friends of s….. parking assignments…a two and a half year lawsuit..people on the take..mismanagement…incompetence..and guess what pay for all of this..and theyre coming for more… calling the lawyer..

fire up the survey monkey..

you dont like the monkey..

its a new year and……im a monkeeeeeyyy..yeah..

this is the year of the fire monkey..

and im a monnnkeeeeeey…..

2016 fire monkey