thank you

by lillythehtcat

the ordeal is over..through the grace of god above i survived the two week vacation of my regular those in wonderland that fed me through..what seemed an eternity of sacrifice..hunger..abject despair….thank you..and to my blogging comes dt..

hey little buddy..youre certainly looking fluffy today..

bite me..

i think you have been doing a lot of biting and chewing on all the handouts over the last couple of weeks..youre looking pretty healthy there kitty cat..

let me explain that if dear informant..get any healthier you will have to be wheeled down here in the condo shopping cart..

interesting comment..fat cat..wonderland has had a brand spanking new cart a replace the old broken cart..

some one ponied up and donated a new cart..


for free..


wow..did anyone send a fruit basket..or a gift certificate..or a couple of cans of the generous resident..


a gift certificate…


a proclamation of gratitude from the board..



a couple of thank yous from a couple of members of the board..

and the others..

the donator wasnt a friend of the controllers..

why is thank you so hard to say..



there vill be no tank you..

do not interfere in secret board matters..

i love this place..

cant raise the fees if people keep figuring out how to save money..

seems we are saving money on the winter landscaping..where are the little pansies..

uhhh..can you rephrase the question..

the winter flowers..our neighbors have had little pansies for probably six weeks..wonderland has dying begonias..whats up with that..

well i heard someone say..if you want amenities we are going to have to raise the fees..

yeah..               raise the fees..feed the cat..

                          raise the fees..feed the cat..

ok..thats enough..speaking of the cat..i noticed someone in wonderland has provided you with winter lodgings..with your name on it..

shhhhhh..sha shh shh shh…hush up..if people find out about this my abode will get tossed like my blanket last year..

we will have to keep an eye out for that..we have people who have little regard for anyone but themselves..

they fail to realize that there arent many secrets in wonderland..

they think they are smarter and better than the rest..

achtung..ill eat to that..

say thank you lilly..

thank you lilly..can we talk about rules now..



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