death watch day 11

by lillythehtcat

eleven days without my maintenance buddy..who feeds me every morning and gives me tid bits from his lunch..i cant believe wonderland let him take a two week plight seems hopeless..i grow weaker everyday as i put my affairs in order..starvation is a slow lonely torment on both the soul and physical body..i had hoped that i would survive the hiatus but as my condition deteriorates…wait is that dt…damn..

hey tudball whats up..

what are you doing down here.. im working on the blog..

looks like youre working on an extra couple of pounds cuteykins.. know my maintenance buddy is on vacation and…

and everybody in wonderland has been overindulging you..the place is littered with little bowls and tuna cans..

ssssssshhhhhh..whats the matter with you..

im just saying if he had three weeks vacation you would probably be living in the lobby and sleeping on the kitty kitty..

shut up…you know im not an indoor cat… the looks of you..a hungry cat..

yeah..yeah..lets put a lid on whats new in the cuckoos nest..

cuckoos nest

wes says the lawsuit is settled..

how so..

court order..

no kidding..

yepper..after almost 2 1/2 years..

so why hasnt the board announced the settlement to everyone..

good one supporter said..2 1/2 years for this..what was the problem..and how much was spent..

well im glad its wonderland can return to nirvana..peace and love..a new day dawning..the age of aquarius..bliss..the garden of…

ok thats know better..just wait till the parking reshuffle..



let the pissing and moaning begin..

oh yeah..

hey did you bring anything down to know how im not being fed..

stop it..

tight wad..

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