the latest from wonderland

by lillythehtcat

dt popped down..said..

how you doin on these cold nights..

im my winter coat on..

huh..i thought maybe yo were gaining a little..

stop right there if you want to walk out of here alive.. it..sheeeeesh..

so whats new in wonderland..ive been taking a break from the madness..

well little anne is in the pump house..looks like the flowers are safe for another winter..

inspite of the change of locks..

yep..and it appears that the law suit has been settled..

whoa..youre kidding..after two and a half years of incompetence and deceit..

wes says its a done deal..doesnt know all the terms yet..hasnt seen a written deal..

so i guess this puts an end to the reign of terror..

for the moment..but rumor has it the controllers are still hell bent on imposing their will..

keep the attorney on retainer..

oh..and your little blog has once again been dubbed as cyber-bullying..

again.. and anyone thought to be supportive of it are cyber-bullies..

huh..cyber-bullying..i dont care for that term..

well what would you prefer to call it..

how about..


bitch slap…smack..whats the matter with you..what were you thinking..

oh comes the investigation again..

well call the nsa..last i heard i still had freedom of speech..



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