controllers revisited

by lillythehtcat

dt bopped on down..said..

youre going to love this one..

lets hear it..

well the controllers..who closed the pool for the season..

not the board..

not the board..anyway when the pool is closed the pumps dont run..


when the pumps dont run..according to maintenance..chlorine isnt put into the pool..


no chlorine plus warm weather equals algae..pool looks like a cement pond..

dirty pool

bio whats her name on three..

dont go there..

so how do we fix this..

turn the pumps back on..get the chlorine going again..oh and an extra dose to kill the scum..

so……now the pool is up and running..

uh huh..but its still closed..

so it was closed…

closed before the weather got cool..and now we are growing algae..and not saving a dime because its up and running..might as well be open..


but indeed..

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