theyre baaaaack

by lillythehtcat

dt sloshed down..said..

well the reward poster is still up..guess the little black cat is still missing..

missing..pppfffffttttt..hes not missing..he was lunch..

youre harsh..

hey maybe the reward poster should say..dead or alive..


maybe the coyotes would return his carcass for the lives dont matter to a coyote..

well..uummm..on another note..the pool..and more importantly..the hot tub.. is closing for the season tomorrow..

it wasnt because of ed was it..


you know..ed..the squirrel..the little pervert..

no i dont think squirrels had anything to do with it.. all the residents just got together and voted to close the pool..

the board called a meeting and the people that use the pool had a discussion and the board voted to close the pool..


the board met in secret and voted to close the pool..

apparently not..

sooooo..someone on the board unilaterally decided to close the pool..

uhhhhh.. know what this means..

im afraid to ask..

time for some awards..

oh boy.. orwell award..the award we give to those that wish to control the rest of us.


and..i think a hubris award is appropriate..

titanic are not alone..seems a lot of folks are peed about the way business is done..all the top secret meetings..decisions without meetings..withholding information..and often outright lies and deceit..

what happened to all business is the associations business..

cant control if everything is in the open..

i thought the controllers left..

seems power abhors a vacuum..there are always new controllers to fill the void..

who are these people..whats to control..its a by golly condo association..

people whose own lives are unfulfilled..people who dont laugh or smile..people who cant stand to see others have fun..people who dont use the pool or hot tub..prisoners of their own demise..

sittin down by my window..lookin out at the rain.
sittin down by my window..
lookin out at the rain.
somethin’ came along.. grabbed a hold of me
and it felt just like a ball and chain.

maybe their mothers didnt love them..

rosayou vill not be having fun

zee pool is closed


and zee hotty tub too.

sooo..the controllers are back..

seems official..

wow..wait until they settle the law suit and they are unleashed again..

a lot of lost controlling to make up for..

and i was having trouble coming up with crap to write..

by the way..congratulations..


this is your 400th blog..


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