the rule of law or the law of rules

by lillythehtcat

dt popped down..said…

where have you been..everyone has been asking about you and the blog..

laying low..

laying low..

yeah..seems i made some people in wonderland mad..

so what else is new..

well there was quite an uproar over the last blog and leashless…

oh did step in that one..

i dont get it..doesnt wonderland have rules..

yeah.but that wasnt a was a law..


well there are federal laws..state laws..and metro laws..

so the leash…

metro law..

and all those rules on the wall at the pool..

state and metro..

jeez..thats a lot of laws..

but theres more..


yep..wonderland has its own set of rules..

what wall are those on..

they are in the by-laws..

my head is starting to hurt..

uh huh..

so what kind of rules are in the by-laws..

for example..residents shall exercise extreme  care about making noises..that may disturb other residents..

does that include wind chimes..

if it disturbs other residents..

who decides that..good grief..when the wind blows it sounds like a chinese funeral procession..

chinese funeral

wonderland is very selective about its rules..

who enforces these rules..and how..

nobody has quite figured that out..

so no one knocks on your door and says..what are you doing in there..filming the gong show..get rid of those damn wind chimes..



so who makes these brilliant rules in wonderland..

well..theres a process..

a process..have you got any tylenol..

the  association can amend the by-laws..add or get rid of a 75 per cent vote of all the owners..

ok..seems reasonable..

not to everyone..

of course not..whats the problem..

some think that a select few..the board..should be able to make rules..impose their idea of rules on the rest of wonderland..outside of the by-laws..

day one of the blog..the controllers..seems we have come full circle..

deja vu all over again..

and what rule..might i be so bold to ask..what rule..besides the federal..state..metro and by-laws of the controllers want..

no feral cats with blogs..


im not just semi-tame..

and semi-social.. social..

about as social as a mother grizzly with cubs..

well who can be social when all people want to do is tell there neighbors what they can do and not do..heres an idea start by enforcing the laws and rules you already have..when leashless is on a leash..and every time there is a breeze it doesnt sound like a wok factory in a hurricane..and…

you know there is a lawsuit about this..

yeah..where are we on that..

coming up on the two year anniversary.. there going to be cake..

i think we need to talk about the lawsuit..wes has been doing research..

ok..but lets have cake first..