slum garden

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in..said..

well little buddy are you done with your rant..

for the moment..

have you heard the latest..

oh what..

we are going to have a community vegetable garden in wonderland..

great..just like the projects..

no..this is going to be great..fresh produce..corn..watermelons..okra..squash…we will never have to go to the grocery again..

how about meat..

we can shoot deer and turkeys from our balconies..

i dont like the sound of this..where is this slum garden going to be..

right next to the front front of the guest will be able to pick corn..produce..even sunflowers..from the guest room..


put a pot on ethel im going down for some corn..

this is just going to be great for property values..a slum to the entrance..what are people thinking..

herb garden

there you go being negative..

yeah..wait until the realtors see this mess..a slum garden..

its not a slum garden..its a community project..

uh huh..project..has any one thought of the pests you invite the deer will come right up to the building carrying ticks and lyme disease..and then there are the smaller pests that will come into the snakerat

whose idea was this anyway..


well i can tell you now..if you want to live in green acres please go do so..this is an urban goodness..

youre always being negative..

move to the country greenie weeny hippy dippy..this here is a condominium..



anyone need a cat..