by lillythehtcat

hal 2

dt sleuthed in..said..

looks like your little blog is being investigated again..

i saw the stats..some one down loaded the whole shebang yesterday afternoon..looks like they printed off every post..

i wonder who paid for that..

note to self.. check may legal fees..

how many investigations have there been..

the question much money has been spent investigating a condo blog..and whose money was it..

400 pages of evidence..

oh your honor..ive been damaged..spoofed..satirized..but i swear i never read it…pppffffttttttt..

what will i dowhat will i do

frankly my one in wonderland gives a damn..

after two years..or however long its been..wonderland has an unresolved lawsuit and the biggest worry in wonderland is lilly the cat and a satirical blog..heres a thought..if you dont like it..

dont by golly read it

in the mean time..for those one or two who actually admit to reading is an interesting thought..


voltaire 2