a game

by lillythehtcat

dt basked down..said..

where have you been..i have been looking for you..

i got lost..

you got lost..

yeah the grass is over my head..i got lost in the grass..


hey its not funny..wonderland looks like crap..dead bushes..dead pampas grass..uncut grass..over my head..6000 bucks on landscaping and we cant cut the grass..

maybe you need longer legs..pppfffttt…

do you have anything else..

im hearing your little blog has been getting in peoples heads..


youve been going after the leadership of wonderland and it is psychologically bothering them..

chippy crap..leaders dont whine..

they think youre playing a game..

a game..a game..this is not a game..

but some people see it as a game..

ok ill give them a little game..

Once I had, a little game
I liked to crawl back into my brain
I think you know the game I mean
I mean the game called ‘go insane’

bad trip
Now you should try this little game
Just close your eyes forget your name
Forget the world forget the people
And we’ll erect a different steeple
This little game is fun to do
Just close your eyes no way to lose
And I’m right there I’m going too
Release control we’re breaking thru

good lord..

if you cant stand the heat maybe its time to exit the kitchen..or wonderland..