little girls dolls

by lillythehtcat

dt floated down..said..

you are not going to believe this one..

oh i would believe just about anything in wonderland..what now..

a little girl was visiting wonderland..

with her mom i hope..

no she drove up here by herself..of course with her mom.. just trying to paint the picture for our readers..

anyway the little girl left her doll..forgot to take it home..

so whats the problem..whoever she was visiting called her and took it back..right..

she left it in the lobby..

so when her mom knew it had been left..she came back and got it..right..

right..but it was gone..

someone put it up for safe keeping and put a note on the bulletin board..

no note..

sent an email to everyone..

no email..

started a twitter campaign to reunite the little girl and her doll..

save the doll

no twitter campaign..

i dont like where this is going..

a broken hearted little girl..

aw know i dont like emotional stuff..who on gods green earth in wonderland would take a little girls doll..

oh we know who..there was a witness to the kidnapping..and the person was overheard complaining about the doll in the lobby..

i cant believe this..

sure you can..remember the billy the dog memorial that was ripped from the bulletin board and destroyed..

that was hurtful..

well the self appointed police of wonderland that ripped down billy the dog took the doll..

ohhh boy..

took a chaffing dish..that was outside someones door..puts it in the garbage and sits by a cracked door waiting to see what happens..yes we know..

please tell me there is a happy end to this..

well only after word got out that there was a witness did the doll mysteriously reappear..


and the witness..

witness protection..

so this poor little girl went days thinking she would never see her doll again..

despicable isnt it..

i dont get it..

its psychotic..

its sad..maybe whoever took it never had a doll growing up..or a dog..or…

look doctor phil..dont get all soft on me..

i think you are looking at this wrong..

im looking at retribution..

no..we must be kind..forgiving..understanding of an obvious broken soul..a missed childhood..a cry for help..

so you want to send flowers for taking a little girls doll..

i was thinking you guys should get together and buy a doll..come on wonderland show some love..have a heart..send a doll for love..