by lillythehtcat

dt skulked down said..


what what..

whats with the title..


yeah..that title..where did your little mind come up with machination..

it means the devising of secret, cunning, or complicated plans and schemes..

i know what it means..the question is..where did you come up with it..

i overheard a conversation in wonderland..

you were eavesdropping again..


so what did you hear mata hari..

well..i heard our newly elected board member was going to resign..


step aside..

i know what resign means..the election was just two weeks ago..

seems a little odd..

i will tell you whats odd..the member was ineligible for election because he wasnt on the deed and presto chango..three days before the ballots go out..a quit claim is facilitate..

the machination..with the help of the associations attorney i might add..

and now we are talking about resignation..

yep..tell that to the people who voted..ooooohhh..

it was machination
i know
and it might have ended
right then, at the start
just a passing glance..

stop singing.. dont like nat king cole..

i dont like what im hearing..why after two weeks are we talking about resignation..


no resignation..


it was machination
i know..

stop it..why in the world would..

machination..after the resignation the board can appoint whoever..

whoever that couldnt be elected..


it was..

stop it..but who would they appoint..

lets save that for another day..

im not buying this..

just telling you what i heard..

my head is going to explode..

wrap it in duct maybe a little music will soothe your worried the way..your expresidente is still bamboozling with the lawsuit settlement..

wheres the tape..