by lillythehtcat

dt washed in said..

seen the emails lately..heard the low spark..

oh yeah..people are wondering why wonderland looks like crap..


after spending 6000 buckaroos on redoing the landscaping last year..what are we left with.

dead azaleas that wont bloom for the second year in a row..


color bust..

uprooted stump from the january 2014 ice storm..

a pine tree full of broken branches from this years ice storm..

half dead magnolia trees from the 2013-2014 winter..

half dead shrubbery along the front walk from the 2013-2014 winter..

irrigation pipes by the front entry that were never buried..

uh..for well over a year..

unkept zen garden..

orphan shrubbery planted on the east end of the building without mulch..

food bowls scattered all over the place..

whoa..now youre meddling..

sorry..but they are attracting rodents..

watch it..

and then we plant pansies without deer repellent and..presto chango..no pansies..

hey the deer have to eat..

let em eat somewhere else..the rest of this community figured this out years ago..look at the landscaping by the front entrance..

uh..just where is that..

never mind..

anything else..world traveler..

a washing machine thats been broke for over a month..

a what..

never mind..

why does the place look so run down..

either no one cared..or incompetency..

well..the board has changed..maybe something will get done..

one can only hope..

until then i guess this 6000 dollar eye sore is the legacy of the past year or so..

have a glass of wine it will be fine..

should have spent the 6ooo on wine maybe it would look better..