the pooch

by lillythehtcat

so dt popped in said..

so whats your take on last monday nights meeting..everyone has been waiting for your blog..

you mean the new board member..

no the assassination..

oh that..strangle

well it seems that wonderlands concigliere had a hand in the demise of the queen..

consiglierie 2

huh..where are you getting this..

wes has been working overtime..seems that wonderland has this little problem of a lawsuit..

some 22 months old..

still unsettled..much to the conciglieres aggravation..

but the board approved a settlement last december..

and then the board hired another lawyer to write it up..make it official..

so why isnt it done..



uhhh..someone..on the board..kept adding self serving stuff to the settlement that wasnt agreed on..screwing the to say..

screwing the pooch..

you dont get out you..

no comment..get on with it..

so..when the deal didnt get done..because you know who..screwed the..

yeah..yeah..we know about the pooch..

anyway..concigliere said enough..

consiglierie 1


enough was talks..pooches well..


so..cest la vie dear leader..


holy crap is that blood on the wall..

no..just ego..its worse..

and the new board member..

welcome to wonderland..