come dancing

by lillythehtcat

dt waltzed in..said..

happy pi day..


never look like crap..

im recovering from the anniversary party..

we might should have rethought having the party on friday the thirteenth..

i dont think the accounting department went home until sun up..

yeah..typical accountants..

you know when they got the conga line going it reminded me of something i saw last week..

conga line

here in wonderland..

no..nepal..of course moron..

maybe you should take another advil..

im fine..anyway..i was making one of my nocturnal inspections of the property and..

what time was this..

two ish..

in the morning..

nocturnal..yes morning..genius..

maybe an ice pack would help..

anyway..there werent that many people up in wonderland..but i went past one condo and you know what i saw..

this is a family rated blog..think about what you are about to say next.. saw..

oh it comes..



dancing..neighbors were dancing with neighbors..enjoying themselves..having fun..

with music..

youre trying my patience..of course with music..


thats what i thought..

what did you do..

i sat there and just enjoyed it..


yep..neighbors dancing with neighbors..smiling..

maybe there is hope for wonderland..

we need fewer board meetings and more dancing..

less condescension and more smiles..

fewer controllers..more dancers…


come dancing..its only natural..


are you limping.. dancing..