celebration week..day six

by lillythehtcat

dt ditty bopped in..said..

have you ever thought what you are going to do when things around here finally return to normal..

what do you mean..

well not even alice stayed in wonderland..

alice 1


someday the reign of the controllers will be over..wonderland will not be dictated to by egocentrics..there will be no need for the blog..

i just dont see that happening..

it hasnt always been like this in wonderland..


so you need to be making plans..

oh..sure..i have plans..

you have plans..

yep..when that day comes im going to send ol delmo to the pulitzer people so they can put it in their museum to commemorate my excellence in journalism..

uh huh..

and then im moving..my work here will be done..

and you plan on moving to..

cat man doo..


really..really where im going to..cat maaannnnnn dooooooo..

i think thats kathmandu..

tomayto..tomahto..its all about the cats..and im really..really going to..c c c c c c c cat man doo..


you know that was one of our past music videos..

if i ever get outa here..im going to..cat man doo..

i cant take it..play the video..


tomorrows the big day..three years.

lilly..dt and wes