celebration week..day three

by lillythehtcat

ok dt..time for a new award..

before you issue a new award i think some people would feel slighted at not having received some of the existing awards for their outstanding achievements..

youre right..we have been remiss in not keeping up with our awards..

i have the list of candidates..

ok here goes..

for cutting down your neighbors trees..a two for..the hubris award..

titanichubris award

and..the tweedle dee tweedle dum award..

TD TD 2tweedle dee tweedle dum award

for trying to impose your own interpretation of the by-laws..the orwell award..

82px-Big-brother-posterorwell award

and for replacing the 6 inch sewer line with a larger 6 inch sewer line..another..

TD TD 2tweedle dee tweedle dum award

boy..you know you were right..we almost discriminated against this board..

their feelings would have been hurt if you had over looked them..

ok..now for our new award..

this isnt going to be pretty..is it..

the crisis award..

please explain..

when something you want done is not in the budget..you declare it a crisis..that is..dangerous..and no one will argue with you..

the crisis award..

so..for painting the drive because it would be dangerous not to paint it..the crisis award..

dangerits dangerous

 good one..so on to the survey monkey..

i dont like the monkey..

oh come on..this will be fun..

ok..get on with it..

we are urging all our faithful readers to take the survey..please know that your participation is completely anonymous..its all in fun..so please take a minute..click on the link and take our very short wonderland survey..just click on the link below..


and wednesday we will see what the monkey reports..

monkey says

i dont like the monkey..

you know we need to be careful that readers will think we are totally negative..

im not negative..i love this place..thats why im here..


there are lots of good people in wonderland..some who have gone out of their way to take good care of me..

im thinking about our closing music video..

i know where youre going..there is one lady in wonderland who has always taken care of me and early on we posted the following music video for her..

no one is going to get this..

thats ok..she will..

and don’t forget the survey..


lilly..dt and wes