celebration week..day two..the beginning of the blog

by lillythehtcat

dt mused in..said..

well day 2 of the celebration..why don’t you tell the readers..because we have picked up quite a few over the years..and by the way..i counted this morning..we have been read in 74 countries.. tell the readers how this blog came into being..

well you can go to the about page and read how i found the ol delmo computer..but i started out..september 30..2011..by sending emails..regarding the abuse of power..to the residents of the condo..some of whom didnt care for what i had to say…sooo…. the abusers started a campaign..basically strong arming..to have everyone remove their name from my mailing list…which i honored..and those that didn’t remove their names were publicly harassed and intimidated..the abusers..those that were so afraid of what we had to say..we called them  the controllers..

controllersbecause we felt that it was important to let the residents know of the abuse that was taking place by the controllers we started the blog so that everyone could read our comments anonymously.. that was march 13..2012.

those abuses you speak of resulted in a law suit didnt they..

yes..thats right a group of concerned citizens filed and that suit is still outstanding..although we hear a settlement is near..

you keep using the term we..

well i was going it alone in the email days but the blog was a bigger endeavor..and well..you came along providing valuable inside information and became a valuable addition to the blog..

did you have to name me deep throat..

it seemed appropriate at the time..you know..the watergate informant and all that..but it did cause a few problems when a few people were searching for..shall i say..other content..so we shortened the moniker to dt.

and wonderland..

we refered to the condo as wonderland because the goings on  were like the craziness in the story about wonderland.


we also were aware that the controllers had hired an attorney and were investigating us for liable..so we became very careful about naming names and in particular the name of the condo..

lets talk about the lawyers..

we have..and this is the absolute truth..been investigated by at least four different law firms..and the last and current one has looked at our blog extensively..

all with the condo associations money i might add..

well just look at wonderlands legal bills..anyway..since we couldnt use real names..we started dubbing them with the character names from wonderland and other infamous characters..the queen of hearts for instance..

queen of hearts

there have been several queen of hearts havent there..

q and frogs

oh yes..several..although one has since moved..and then there was tweedle dee and tweedle dum..boy that was a pair..


we had one character who morphed from mary poppins..


into marie antoinette..

marie a

and finally into the queen of hearts..

red queen

i remember..that was quite a transformation..

power seems to do that in wonderland..

i think one of my favorites was sneaky the clown..


yeah that was a good one..we have had a bunch more but i guess those are some of our favorites..

tell us about wes..

well wes came along and started helping us with techy stuff..

you mean hacking..

i mean techy stuff..remember the lawyer reads this..anyway when the edward snowden story came along..we named him wes..for wonderlands edward snowden..and while he is less vocal than you..thank the lord above..he provides very valuable information.

well thats a good overview of the beginning of the  blog..maybe tomorrow we can have some fun..

put out our new award..

maybe bring in the survey monkey..

i knew that was coming..i dont like the monkey..

youll be fine..how about a little music video from the past..

well since we have been talking about wonderland..how about white rabbit..



lilly..dt and wes