a week of celebration

by lillythehtcat

dt popped down..said..

well little buddy its here..are you ready..

i am..i cant believe its been three years..

three fun packed years of blogging..

yep..march 13 2012..the launching of the blog..

wow seems like yesterday..

time flies when youre having fun..

you know three years is a very long time in blog years..kind of like cat years..by the way…

drop it..

so what are you thinking for this week of celebration leading up to the big party..

well i think we need to look at some of the things we have done over the past three years..

we havent handed out any awards lately..

yeah i think we should revive the awards..like the…




an award for a resident that comes up with some nit-wit idea to control the rest of the residents

or the..

tweedle dee tweedle dum



an award for outstanding ineptness

oh and don’t forget the..




for plain old hubris

and heres a teaser..we are going to introduce a new award this week..

im tingling with anticipation..you know what else we need to do this week..


have a survey..

ohhhh nooooo not the..

survey monkey..

monkey says

i dont like the monkey..

a survey will be fun this week..you know let the readers participate in the celebration.

ohhhh allll right…

you know a big part of the blog has been music..you need to relive some of the oldies from the past three years..

good idea..we can sign off every blog with a tune from a past blog..

well looks like a big week..

everybody ready..put on those party hats..

tin foil hat

its anniversary week

 and here is the very first bit of music video we put in our blog..

celebrate the cat..

lilly..dt and wes