snow plow blues

by lillythehtcat

dt skated down..said..

whew..theres a bunch of angry people in wonderland..

what now..

they pay every month for a snow plow to clear the streets when it snows and the snow plow has been in the neighborhood 3 times and passed wonderland by each time..

i know its treacherous out here..and the explanation..

none except..i assure you the plow is on its way..and that was yesterday..

ppppffffttttt..typically clueless..reminds me of a song..ooooooohhhh..

Don’t pass me by, don’t make me cry, don’t make me blue
‘Cause you know darling I love only you
You never know it hurt me so, how I hate to see you go
Don’t pass my by, don’t make me cry

i know everyone in wonderland is getting cabin heres a little music to wile away the day..and i assure you that you will enjoy it..