my funny valentine

by lillythehtcat

My funny Valentine
Sweet, comic Valentine
You make me smile with my heart

dt tippy toed down..said..

what are you listening to ol gal..

ol gal..

its an know valentines and all that..

an endearment..

i was trying to be i brought you a whitman sampler..

i dont eat chocolate..cats dont eat chocolate..

huh..could have fooled me..

what are you trying to say..

well..uh..ummm..sure you dont want a chocolate..

are you eating my valentine present..

well you said you werent going to eat it and by the looks of you..

look wise guy..this floofiness is winter fur..its going to be 11 degrees tonight down here in this caldron of global warming ..

winter fur..right..

if you want to get me something for valentines about a propane torpedo heater or a plane ticket to cancun..

you wouldnt like the beach..

and why wouldnt i like the beach..its warm there..

too much wouldnt know whether to crap or go blind..heh..heh..

look valentine fairy..

i think you mean cupid..

i mean if you keep this up youll be going back up to wonderland with an arrow in your butt and the bow up your…

whoa settle down i was trying to be nice..

well being nice would be a ticket with delta written on it..

im telling you..the beach is not for you..its one big litter bit me.. flap your little valentine fairy wings and fly back to wonderland while you still can..

thats cupid..

start flapping if you dont want me to bite your little fairy ankle again..

i was trying to be…

ear hear you…

happy valentines..enjoy ol frank..