whatever will i do

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in..said..

you know whenever anything happens in wonderland beyond throwing a pool cookout..which im sure is pretty complicated..the condos lawyer has to be called for consultation..

well the legal bills from last year would certainly confirm that..

its pitiful that instead of being open and honest we are operating like everything is some kind of top secret crisis..and the attorney must be called over every little thing..

what did the past boards do..

im not sure they even knew who the attorney was..but now..


what will i do

whatever will i do..

and we are all waiting for that classic answer..

dont give a damn

frankly my dear..i dont give a damn

thats not going to happen because the attorney gets paid to give a damn..whether he gives one or not..and i would make book that he doesnt..

why dont you all just put him up in the guest room..wouldnt it be cheaper..

you know..thats not a bad idea..ill suggest it to the cost savings committee..

oh that will go far..