by lillythehtcat

dt popped in said..

whats up little buddy..

im leavin..headin for warmer weather..

how so..

patt..she invited me to phoenix..all i have to do it is get air hop back up to wonderland and get the board to buy me a plane ticket..

the board is not going to buy you a plane ticket

why..theyve spent money on everything else..

so patt is your friend that felt sorry for you and sent you her book..

she didnt feel sorry for me..i won a contest..and her book was a great addition to my library..

its the only book you own..

hey..its a start..

so whats with this invite..

look at the comment she wrote on my last..thank

you know if you go by plane you have to go in a cage..


a cage..its the rules..

im not gettting in a cage..i remember what happened the last time..

no plane..

no sweat you spoil sport..ill just walk..

uh huh..

what do you mean uh huh..

you havent been off the property since ive lived here..


let me see you walk down to the stop sign..


go ahead..

look i have a keen sense of direction just point me towards phoenix..this is going to be great..basking in the phoenix sun..patt feeding me kibbles..


writing our blogs together in the garden..she can change the name of her blog from bananas and prunes to patt and lilly..

more like thelma and louise..


never mind..


by the time I get to phoenix she’ll be rising
she’ll find me standing at her door

 please dont sing..

you cant stand to see me happy can you..

look you have no idea where phoenix is or what it even looks like..

im pulling up a picture right now on the dell..whoa..


where did they hide the trees..

im going upstairs desert cat..

did you say dessert..


sure ill have some..while youre at it how about some wet food im getting a little peckish..ooooooooohhhhh….

by the time I get to phoenix she’ll be rising…