economic eugenics

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in..said..

what are you working on little buddy..

besides watching my blue blanket..

you and a lot of others are keeping an eye on that blanket since your little epithet..

well im looking at wonderland 2014 in review..the landscape project in the dead of winter..

the one where we cut down the wrong trees..

and the sewer project where we replaced a 6 inch line with a new 6 inch line because the old 6 inch line wasnt big enough..which reminds me of a joke..

dont go there fuzzy wuzzy..

ok..ok..and then we painted the drive way because it was dangerous unless we painted know it seems everything we blew money on last year was either dangerous or some sort of emergency which required the immediate outlay of unbudgeted dollars..

uh huh..

and then the concrete stairs required renovation because they everything else..



you know seems wonderland spent more money last year than we took in..but to make sure..there was that end of the year shopping trip with wonderlands check book..

all part of the plan my little friend..

plan..there cant be a plan..there is no budget..everything is an emergency..they are spendaholics..

and when we have spent more money than we made..we will have to ask for..

more money..

a fee increase and that is the first part of the plan..

but wonderland is fine..its not income thats the problem..its reckless spending..

oh but its the fee increase and future fee increases that make the second part of the plan work..

where are you getting all this..

wes..hes been working on this for months..espionage and spying..interviews and listening..secret documents and meetings and stuff..

ok what has wonderlands edward snowden come up with..what is this plan..

well..lets start with the objective..

which is..

there is a group of residents that feel superior to some of wonderlands other residents..and they have been trying to get rid of the perceived inferiors..but past efforts havent been successful..


those elitists ran off a lot of good people..

but not the ones they were after..

im getting queasy..

youre the one with the blog..buck up garfield.. what have the fees got to do with all this..

we are going to raise the fees because our little cadre thinks that they can make wonderland unaffordable to everyone without a six figure income or a fat pension..and when we have limited the place to the wealthy..the upper class..people like us..wonderland will be the perfect place to reside…


holly crap..economic eugenics..

and little friend..the only undesirable left will be you..


and you will be as easy to get rid of as your little blue blanket..