ho ho ho

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in said..

hey little buddy..

whats up..whats happening in wonderland..

well my little bomb thrower..some of our readers think you are being too hard on the board..

pooh..im just warming up..are they whining about the blog again..

seriously we have had one resignation and now half the board is new..hasn’t participated in all the silliness..

you know im sorry about the resignation..that was a good person..

im sure she got tired of being thrown under the bus..

ya think..

anyway..its christmas..lighten up..

but how about the..

christmas..tis the season..ho ho ho..


how about a little christmas music..come on get you in the mood..

what have you got in mind..im not big on all those carols..they all sound the same to me..

i tell you what..you pick..just put on some nice music..relax..and leave the board alone..

ooooh alllll rrright..here you go..enjoy..ho by golly ho..


heh heh..you might want to look up the original lyrics on wikipedia.