by lillythehtcat

dt non skidded down..said..

the refurbished stairs look nice..its a shame they are only predicted to last another eight or ten years.. the concrete going to rot or something..

i dont know..thats what the contractor said..

oh the sure hes some kind of structural engineer who knows all this stuff..pppffftttttt..maybe he should watch the history channel..concrete can last centuries..

apparently not in the way was that you caterwauling by the front door yesterday..

i was hungry..wheres my know..ol whats his name..

you mean our maintenance man..

yeah..he feeds me every morning..

hes on vacation..

vacation..this is an odd time to take a vacation..

well..frau leader told him he couldnt go on vacation while he was getting the pool ready to open..

makes sense..

and then he couldn’t take it while the pool was open because he had to take care of it..


then he couldnt go because he had to close the pool for winter..


and then he couldnt go because leaves were falling into the pool that he had to remove..

your joking..a more valid reason would have cant go on vacation because you have to feed the cat..

finally he said..screw it im taking a vacation..

well good for him..i guess..

heres the best part..he has several weeks of vacation coming..hes only taking one we are going to pay him for the weeks he doesnt take..

so because we wouldnt let the poor guy take a vacation we are going to pay for it.. like making double time..


how did he ever get a vacation in the past..

we found other people to look after the pool..sometimes residents..worked just fine..

huh..speaking about the pool..theres a rumor that the tropical plants we bought for the pool were left to freeze and die by frau leader..said we can just buy new ones next year..

that sounds right..

but where are the dead frozen tropical plants..

your baiting me arent you..

well i heard a rumor..

supposedly they are alive and well..

i heard theres a picture circulating of one of them in hiding and its blooming..

ive heard that..

and the plant now has a name..

youre baiting me again..

come on..spill it..

its being called………….anne frank..


the point of all we keep a disregard for for unused vacation tropical plants and leave them to freeze..

and then…ggggfffffggg..pppfftttt..ggggg..

stop laughing..

and then..pppppfffftttt ggghhh…publish a news letter telling people to turn off the water while they brush their teeth to save money..

only in wonderland..

i love this place..whens whats his name coming hungry..