im on bing

by lillythehtcat

dt skidded down..said..

what are you up to fuzzy wuzzy..

im downloading new wall paper for the ol dell..did you see the search page for bing was awesome..they might as well have had a picture of me..

lets see…

bing 20141130

that looks nothing like you..

what do you mean..thats a lean mean fighting machine just like moi..

first of all are black and white and there is not a stripe on you..except maybe that one down your back..

whoa..dont make me hurt you..

uh huh..and as far as lean and mean..well if you eat anymore thanksgiving handouts youre going to have to straddle a skate board to get around..

that cats fluffy..i bet he eats well..

hes fluffy because hes out hunting in a snow storm.. me..

last time it snowed you shot off for the parking garage chirping like your tail was on fire..

i dont chirp..

call it what you will..

anyway..i think this blog needs more pictures..of me..

pictures nervous nelly..its easier to get a picture of a lion in the wild than one of you hanging out in wonderland..

i dont like people sneaking up on me..

you dont like people..



well i do if they feed me..

ill go get the skate board..

hey on bing..


your black and white..

shut up..