happy thanksgiving

by lillythehtcat

just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to everyone who reads this blog whether they admit it or not..

i realize how much i have to be thankful for..

an abundance of food in wonderland..


dt and wes who provide so much to this blog..ppppfffftttt…

the pragmatics in the accounting department..

all the people in wonderland that feed me..

maintenance j and lady d…

the people that took care of me when i was injured..

people around the world that read this tripe..73 countries last count..

all in wonderland brave enough to subscribe..

my buds ted and new cat over at..cowboysandcrossbones.wordpress.com

patt at.. bananasandprunes.wordpress.com who always throws me a like..and even sent me her book..what a sweet heart..

and the wonderland boards and characters who provide the material and inspiration for this blog..even though they put a bounty on me and the blog..i mean..i couldnt make this crap up..

hey..if theres any leftover turkey..uuhhhh..dont forget the condo cat..

happy thanksgiving everybody..