the seven year itch

by lillythehtcat

dt tripped down the stairs..what are you chuckling about..

its wes..for a total techno geek he can be so naive..

how so..

he took his car to the dealership and said..are you ready for this..

get on with it..

he told the service department everything was fine with his car but he thought it was time for a check-up..



and some 1700 bucks later his perfectly fine car was….still perfectly fine..

pppfffffftttttt..what a doofus..

go easy..he is a valuable contributor to your little blog.. whats the point here..

well..our illustrious board is a lot like ol wes..

how so..

every time they ask some hungry contractor whether the sewer line needs replacing or the steps need to be repaired or the driveway painted..they all respond the same..oh yes..cant wait..its to be repaired..toot sweet..

i think its their bank accounts that cant the board believes these guys..


so we have some contractors cleaning up on our..or the boards..naivete..


throw in a few bubbas..friends of family.. as well as a touch of graft..if you can believe the sources wes has been talking to..

oh jeez..your kidding..

nope..apparently some contractors have paid..shall we say..politely..finders fees..

maybe that explains why they didnt consult the contractor who repaired the concrete parking deck to take a look at the concrete parking deck stairs..

do you think we got a warranty on any of these projects..

pppppfffffffttttttt..yeah lifetime im sure..pppffftttttt..

we got a warranty on the parking deck..

not these a business card and a pickemup truck..maybe you can be a wonderland contractor too..and our board just continues spending money wonderland doesnt have..

i think its the seven year itch..

whats marilyn monroe got to do with this..


im not talking about marilyn monroe..fuzz ball…i mean exactly seven years ago the board bankrupted wonderland with mismanaged projects and other things that couldnt seem to wait..

so what happened then..

fee increase..of course..

and this board..

been talking about a fee increase for months..even published their error ridden budget showing the increases months ago..

its like they planned to break the bank..

yep..the seven year itch..

i still dont know what marilyn monroe has to do with this..