poop update

by lillythehtcat

dt slid down..said..

while youre on a roll blogging about poop..

whoa wuh whoa whoa whoa..i am not on a roll about poop..you and wes brought this latest wonderland financial boondoggle to the blog..

well anyway do you remember your blog last june about wasting 9 grand replacing the perfectly fine 6 inch sewer main with a new 6 inch sewer main.

oh i remember..here is part of the blog..

well the problem that led up to this fiasco..according to the plumber..was corrected last year..been working fine since then..

so what was this major project about..

well we replaced the main sewer line..


well according to the plumber..his own words..we have never had a stoppage in the main line..

lets get this straight..the problem that led up to two days of no water and no toilets in wonderland was fixed last year..and the pipe..we just paid almost 9 grand to replace..had never been a problem..according to the plumber that replaced it..so wonderland just spent almost 9 big ones for…

so heres the update..the real poop..

stop it..

after the plumber collected the 9 big ones..he told them that the real problem was in the 4 inch line between the building and the main line..the one he just replaced for 9 grand..and that for a few hundred bucks extra he could install pop off valves on the 4 inch line that plugs up when some old lady tries to flush a dead cat down the toilet.

sewer valve

thats not funny..so how does the fix for a few hundred extra bucks solve the problem..

well when the line plugs up with a dead..

im warning you..

when the line plugs up..the little valve releases the pressure which prevents the poop and stuff from backing up in the building..

let me get this straight..i could be walking along behind the building and bloooosh..

sewer pop

yep..thats pretty much how it works..

good gawd..i mean you could be sitting on your balcony in your underwear smoking a cigar or having dinner or a cocktail and kabloooooooey.

doesnt do much for property values on the backside now does it.

let me get this straight..we spent 9 grand..realized it was a boondoggle and fixed the problem for a few hundred..

you got it my furry friend..

wow..im not going out back..