poop scoop

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in said..

here you go little buddy..hot off the wonderland email service..

To All wonderland Dog Owners


Interested Residents

wonderland Condominiums


Where on the grounds should we place a Doggy Waste Station?

In the Lobby

youre makin this up..

when have wes or i ever made anything up..

ok..ok..but really..their going to put a dog crap station in the lobby..pppffffftttttt..

stop laughing..

i cant help it..this board wont be happy until they bankrupt wonderland..they are going to spend money on dog crap..was it in the budget..

remember..we don’t have a budget..

why not..

its complicated..

what the budget or the explanation..


so why are we doing this..

im sure because some how its..



i forgot..thats the justification for everything this Board blows money on..


so what are people in wonderland saying about this..

well..here are some email snippets wes obtained..

is this really a topic and meeting or is it a joke? 

We’re going to put a doggy waste station in the lobby, well that will be convenient.

Dog pee like the unbudgeted dollars in our unbudget pours freely!!

We have a poop station, it’s called a dumpster.

Summit of poop. The hills are alive with poop.

..my suggestion that it be placed next to the dumpster instead of in the lobby.

Why don’t we just put it in the dumpster to begin with?

..you are a true genius!!

I am going to go put a bucket in the lobby for dog poop until the Board can spend 10 grand or whatever on a permanent station

If this Board wasn’t such a financial disaster it would be laughable.

Thank God we have the fire alarm and a new roof.  Wonderland is wonderful.

Incurable spendaholics.

I bet our new Board members are rethinking their decision to run.

Poop poop poop


you know..abraham lincoln once said..

No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent.
Abraham Lincoln

well..i dont think wonderland is consenting to the leadership around here..

theyre disgusted with it..

well i guess this blog pretty well wrote itself..

only in wonderland..

only in wonderland..


When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.
Ronald Reagan