survey results

by lillythehtcat

i told dt that im a little uncomfortable with this survey thingy..

what are you uncomfortable was a simple yes or no question..

its the thing about the monkeys..i dont like monkeys..

what monkeys..

the monkeys in the survey..

there arent any monkeys in the survey..

then why is it called surveymonkey..

thats just the name of the service..

i dont uncomfortable with this..

have you ever seen a monkey..

in real life..

yes real life..

uhhhh….welllll….i have nightmares about them..

monkey occasionally dream about monkeys..come on..buck up little buddy..

i just dont like the idea of monkeys..

can we get on with the survey results..

the surveymonkey..


ok.ok..the question was whether or not the following was a typo..and we are printing it as it appeared..

Voting participation by at least 40 percent of the members of the Association is needed so that the election is valid.


monkey says

oh jeeeez…..really..

come on..what does the monkey say..

100 percent of the the respondents said it wasnt a typo..

i cant hear you..

not a typo

and who said it wasnt a typo..


come on..

the monkey..

so if it wasn’t a typo..

wonderland was being bamboozled..once again..


well thats something to think about while heading off to the annual meeting..


you know what..


i think the survey monkey should be kept as a regular feature of the blog..

youre kidding..

its a good way to interact with your readers..

crap..a monkey..really..ill never go to sleep..