you decide

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in said..

well looks like the blog is shaking things up..

yeah..3 hours and they were scrambling to make things right..

ready for the other shoe to drop..

oh this is going to be good isnt it..

oh yeah..check this out..this was part of the annual meeting announcement that was mailed to all of wonderland..

Voting participation by at least 40 percent of the members of the Association is needed so that the election is valid.

and let me point out the bold 40 percent is the way it was published..


and six days later we get..

The Annual Meeting notice referenced Voting participation by at least 40 percent of members of the Association needed. This was a typo. The correct quorum requirement is a “majority.”

a typo…pppffftttt..its in bold face type..thats not a typo..thats somebody trying to lower the bar that got caught..

now you are being harsh..perhaps unfair..

really..lets see what the readers think..does that bold faced..uhhhh..statement..look like a typo or not..tell us what you on the link below and answer yes or no..we will post the results monday..

oh we go.anyway..the board secretary that sent out the..typo..


under the bus..

under bus 3


ouch indeed..

and they wonder why we call it wonderland..