the fix has been fixed

by lillythehtcat took just 3 hours to turn the banana boat around and attempt to fix the fix in a mass emailing to all of wonderland..the power of the press lives you now don’t have to read the blog below..everything is hunky dory in wonderland…pppppfffftfttttttttt..


dt popped down..said..

well heres something interesting..

whats this..

the wonderland newsletter..

and whats so interesting..

well read this..

Please forward your nominations to xxxxxxxx so that names can be placed on a ballot.

and whats so interesting about that..

well the newsletter came out on monday..


the meeting notice and proxy was mailed last friday..complete with nominations..

so the people that receive a proxy..

only have the boards hand picked candidates..


puts everyone else at a distinct disadvantage..

since when did wonderland become a banana republic..

banana rep

since the board started governing like one..

you guys should have one of those lobby meetings to reduce corruption..


 corrupt…us……how dare you..

well at least the annual meeting should be fun..

oh dont worry there is more to come before the meeting..

and they wonder why i write this blog..