hand wash

by lillythehtcat

since the accounting department has put so much heat on me about turning a profit and i know wonderland is in drastic need of money..

wonderlands just fine..

not the way this bunch has blown money..

ok..good point..

jeeeeez you accountants are rough..anyway..i have come up with another of my brilliant ideas that will provide wonderland an endless stream of cash..

theyll blow it..

yeah but its better than blowing cash that you dont have..

so whats the plan catnip..

wonderland can open a car wash..


car wash 1

ok..but who is going to work in the car wash..

no problem..we have plenty of folks with absolutely nothing to do but meddle in their neighbors business and stir up crap..put em to work..they can get a little fresh air..a little physical activity besides lifting a wine glass..socialize..maybe learn to get along..


alright..where are you going to do this..

right out front..we already have a hosepipe..all that is needed is a couple of buckets a sponge..a little soap and some old towels..

so this is going to be a hand wash..



car wash 3

we said hand wash..

thats what the sign says..

uh…..look we  are not so sure about getting people to work..you know how snooty people can be..

people here would love a little job……once they get the feel of things youll never get em to quit..

we are still talking about the car wash right..

of course..

just making sure..

i dont know why i didnt think of this before..this is just what wonderland needs..


car wash 2

interesting..and how are you..lilly.. planning on making money at this..



yeah..i’ve got some buds lined up that will guarantee repeat business..


th  car wash 4

damn im a genius..