cat drone

by lillythehtcat

dt plodded down said..

you stepped in the driveway paint..didnt you..

shut up..jeez you cant lick that stuff off..but it will give you a hell of a buzz.. many times did you step in it..

i lost count..anyway..tell me how wes is coming with the spy drone project..

great..its already paid off..

how so..

on a test flight it found unfilled pot holes..right out front.. one supervises anything..what do you expect..

after up-sizing the 6 inch sewer pipe with a 6 inch pipe..not much except the boards proclivity to blow money..

cant be held accountable without a budget..

method in the madness..

anyway update me on the spy drone..

so the best part of the wonderland spy drone project..

im listening..

the drone is disguised as a cat..looks a little like you..


oh yeah..this is awesome..wes has a video of a test take a look..



thats not funny..i funded you bozos to come up with a spy drone for wonderland and you disguise it as a cat….oh stealthy….you morons…

we thought you would like it..anyway it is stealthy..everyone will think its you..

when was the last time you saw me flying around wonderland..idiot..oh look theres lilly flying outside my third floor window..gee when did she start flying..i cant stand idiots are fired..canned..kaput..non gratis..

ok going upstairs..and quit licking the driveway paint..

is it still wet..gotta go..