pot holes

by lillythehtcat

dt stumbled down..said..

well looks like the pot holes are being filled..

the what..

pot holes..

uhhh..do they have pot in them..


well dont tell ol whats her name..she will be disappointed..

look einstein..pot holes are holes in the pavement..the driveway..

well why didnt you say so..

i did..everyone knows what a pothole is..

lets think about the term..ooooh that smell..

ok lynard skynard..lets get back to the subject of repairing the driveway..

ok..but theres going to be people awfully disappointed..so why are we fixing pot holes when we are trying to save money..

are you kidding..

they are dangerous


sooooo..whats the danger..who has been hurt..

uuhhh..look…. the board has declared them dangerous and thats that..


and we are also going to paint the driveway..


we are going to pretty it up..paint it..

how long will that last..

a couple of months..


but thats what this board is about..image..and by the way if you dont comply with the painting schedule..they are going to tow your car..

ooo..oooo..what an opportuity..

tow truck L

you are not getting into the towing business..you cant even drive..

oh alright..but mean while..

no capital budget for crap like this..

and an unsettled law suit..

youve got it..

so we are going to sling a shovel of asphalt into the holes and paint the drive for a bundle of money and mean while the lawyers clock is running and we should be saving for a new roof..


are you sure theyre not pot holes..