by lillythehtcat

dt slid down said..

here..take a look at whats up in wonderland..

is this for real..

got it off the bulletin board..

this is going in the blog..

well you better edit out the name..

give me a sec..ok here we go..


To All wonderland Dog Owners


Interested Residents


Brainstorming Session

How To Keep Our Grounds Free of Dog Residue


How to Keep Dogs Out of Our Garden Plants

In the Lobby

This Coming

Tuesday, September 16

7-8 pm

Bring a chair, the beverage of your choice and your best ideas!

amazing isnt it..a dog crap meeting..i should say brainstorming session..

yeah bring a drink..get liquored up and bitch about dog crap..

drunk clown

and we have an unsettled law suit over a year old and we are worried about dog crap..we are going to brainstorm about it..

wes says there hasnt been any negotiations regarding the suit in over 8 months..

and mean while the lawyers proverbial clock continues to run..costing wonderland money..

and speaking of money..what about the budget..

you dont want to know..

well there better be cat food in that budget..

oh didnt you hear..the cost savings brainstorming session eliminated that expense..

not funny..you know the biggest offenders of dog etiquette are residents of wonderland..cant keep their dogs on the leash..dont pick up crap..let em pee on the elevator and carpet..sneak off behind the dumpster so we wont see  the crap they dont pick up..dogs in the guest room..

and now we are going to brainstorm about it..

well i have a simple solution..

here it comes..what..



when that dog squats to poop..kablooey..problem solved..

i dont think that is going to come out of the brainstorming session..

of course not..brainstorming in wonderland is an oxymoron..if there were brains involved we wouldnt need these feel good meetings..

and if there were brains involved we wouldnt  have a law suit that has been ignored for over 8 months..

 brainstorming..about dog crap..only in wonderland..